Solutions for Industrial IoT and Business intelligence

D2A Your Industrial IoT Cloud. Tools and web platform for System Integrators and Developers.
Kick Start your Predictive maintenance and Remote monitoring project with D2A IIoT ToolBox.
Get access to data you already know, and send them secure to Azure SQL using eWON Flexy Gateway's and the D2A-Cloud.


Dashboards for Remote monitoring

Bring your remote sites to life. Connect and monitor all of your devices, assets, and sensors. Increase visibility into performance and efficiency, plus enable innovation and improve business outcomes through previously untapped data.


Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures before they happen, and systematically prevent them. Use streaming data from eWON Flexy gateways, connect to PLC's and sensors to recognize warning signs, predict equipment maintenance needs, and preemptively repair equipment, saving you time and money.


eWON Flexy Gateway and IoT-hub

eWON Flexy is an Automation Remote Access VPN Gateway with built in PLC protocols for easy integration with Automation equipment. The eWON Flexy reading data in the PLC using I/O-servers and push them secure to DataMailBox, after that D2A-IoT-Hub will send the data to the Azure SQL Database. Each eWON Flexy will have two tables in the SQL database, one for historical data and one for alarms